May 25, 2014

Tariffs for Small Businesses

In the beginning of the America's history, there were high import tariffs on foreign goods to protect the delicate, newly developed industries in America. And it worked.

Now, in a time where good jobs are scarce and our economy is faltering, a small business has little chance of survival because it can't compete with the corporate giants and cheap foreign products. If America implemented high tariffs on imported goods again, and created a "competition tariff" for businesses, say for the sake of argument over 500,000 employees large or over 1 million in net worth, it would increase the ability for American manufacturers and small  businesses to compete, promote true diversity in the marketplace, create American industry jobs, and lower the prices of locally produced goods.

What do you think?

May 7, 2014

Party Nominees in the Presidential Elections

The parties select who our candidates are for us... then we get to choose among them. Just like how communist/dictatorship Russia held their presidential elections - those politically powerful selected two or three potential candidates, then let the people vote. We have a choice between the lesser of three evils, essentially. There's no democracy, no diversity in candidates. It's like having a choice from the menu, but no choice in what restaurant you go to.

This needs changing. It's why we're never happy with our presidents, and why they never represent us. It's because they're pandering to the needs of their party - the real voters.

Any ideas on what to do about it?