"The pursuit of knowledge, happiness and good coffee."
The Blog
A Marvelous Adventure is about exploration, the expression of love, beauty, and self-discovery. It's about good food and living to the fullest. About being a responsible, compassionate human being and a true disciple of Christ. I post my musings here on good coffee, adventure, love and my many eclectic pursuits. If you are looking for a way to discover yourself, to lead a happier life, to eat wholesome home-cooked goodies, or to partake in a simply wonderful adventure, you're in the right place.

Please keep in mind that I'm only a teenager, this isn't a professional blog, and for the most part I just collect my pretty photos, wild ideas, bizarre recipes, and unsolicited advice here. So the updates won't be regular, everything is free and open to your use (please give me credit, that's all I ask), and I am welcome to any advice/criticism/complaints/suggestions you may have. Please leave a comment.

Who Am I?
I'm Renee, a 16 year old high school junior with two lovely younger siblings and a deep-rooted desire to farm. I live in a small town, take photographs of shiny things, and care for my family and disabled mother. I'm a domestic violence survivor and I just moved for the 22nd time. I love sea turtles.

My Mission
To live extremely, take risks, and jump into action. To stand out, be different, and be unique. To fill the world with colors and fill people with rainbows. To fill myself with life, knowledge and joy. To feel alive and present every God-blessed moment. To breathe, sleep soundly, smile, and explore.

About the Photographs 
A lot of the photos here on the blog aren't mine. I give credit to the artist, and generally a link back to their page where I borrowed it from. Most of my photos/images are from deviantart and when I use them here on the blog I use them with the hope that it furthers the career of the artist, like free advertising. However, occasionally I post my own image, in which case it's mine, obviously. And on occasion an artist doesn't like me using their image and when this happens, I apologize, I'll take it down, and what can I do to make up for my mistake?

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Any questions? Contact me!
Email: magickhacker@gmail.com
DeviantArt: gaurdiandemon666.deviantart.com