May 27, 2012

Wild Food

Photo Credit 1 Morel Mushroom Lane
I live in Eastern Oregon, near a wide range of majestic mountains. These mountains are covered in forest, which is stuffed full of all kinds of good, yummy things.

There is deer, elk, bear, hog and cougar. There are rabbits and squirrels - even hedgehogs if you wanted to roast those up. During the spring mushrooms spring up all over the forest floor - blonde morels, boletes, calves brain, and elephant ear are among the edible varieties. We have wild onions and dandelions, huckleberry bushes and wild strawberries. In the lakes there are trout, in the rivers there is salmon.

One could live very happily, with a full tummy eating only what these woods have to offer.

I went up this weekend with a friend, and we had an amazing time. We gathered mushrooms, and will be going back up for the berries and fish later in the summer.

My mountains are beautiful. They are a gift from God, full of his wonderful bounty.

I encourage you to explore your own wild. Even in the city, there is wild food to be found. Take a look around, take a class through your local college - I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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