September 11, 2012

A New Season and New Adventures

I love the Fall. I love the winter, spring and summer, too. But right now I'm really in love with Fall because it's just about to start in my area. Lots of beautiful colors, cooler weather, delicious food, family, lots of holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, friends, rain, and all sorts of things. And then on top of it, I'm moving in a few weeks. And yes, I'm excited. I love moving, too! It means a new adventure.

These next couple months are going to be ripe with exploration and awesomeness. And I know I've been neglecting the blog lately so I thought I'd give you guys a heads-up on what I've been doing, and a sneak peak on what I will be doing (and blogging about!).

What I've Been Doing:
  • Started my junior year in high school
  • Fell in love with a super amazing man
  • Minimized a whole bunch, got my house to a much better place
  • Filled more of my life with God (He's not everywhere yet, but someday He will be)
  • Listened to lots of great music
  • Hung out with friends, had fun
  • Walked... a lot (for exercise, fun or transportation respectively)
  • Fixed things with my mom. Our relationship is sooooo much better for it.
  • Started planning for college (I'm aiming for MIT, wish me luck!)
  • Started drawing again (I'd quit for a while)
  • Got addicted to Pinterest
  • Journaling like crazy!
  • Spending (almost) every single day in my Bible
  • Taking care of my health because I've been very, very sick lately (eating more whole foods, drinking more water, exercising, and eating more vegan and vegetarian foods)
  • Building stronger relationships with friends, adult leaders and family
  • Started writing long-hand letters to a new friend
What I Will Be Doing:
  • Painting (mostly acrylic and maybe some watercolor)
  • Taking more beautiful pictures
  • Pumpkin spice coffee recipe, perfected
  • Peppermint hot chocolate, perfected
  • Moving to a new house (thankfully, not a new town. I love my tiny hick town <3)
  • Carving jack-o-lanterns
  • Growing even closer to God
  • Writing sappy romance stories
  • Bake lots of cookies with my younger siblings
  • Teach my little sister and brother how to cook, and make it a priority for them to be helping in the kitchen
  • Sewing my own clothes, among other things and projects
  • Canning peaches, tomatoes, and possibly jam
  • Cooking lots of goodies (apple butter, apple pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice bread, spiced cider, pecan tart, vegan pumpkin scones, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, etc.)
  • Reading (I did almost none of this all summer and I miss it)
  • Jogging/Running/Body weight/Yoga or some other exercising... I need to be doing more. Lots more.
What will you be doing this fall? What do you want to do? What adventures have you been doing?

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