November 16, 2012

The Cupcake Movement

Help keep over 69.4 billion pounds of trash out of landfills every year!

Photo credit Christina Friedrichsen
What is The Cupcake Movement?
The Cupcake Movement is a fun, exciting, simple way to introduce the world towards sustainable, waste-free living. All you have to do is quit cupcake liners. It's an affordable change (it actually saves you money) that anyone can pull off.

And it will change the world.

What do I do?
It's quite simple really. All you have to do is quit using cupcake liners. That's it!

 Now, don't laugh. I'm serious. If every American quit using cupcake liners we'd keep  over 69.4 billion pounds of trash out of dumps EVERY YEAR.

This is a small, simple change. You will barely even have to think about it. But if we do this, and we stick to it, it's one huge step towards a sustainable planet.

What about bake sales? Or my cupcake business?
If you're one of the groups affected financially by giving up cupcake liners, don't worry about it. There's actually two really effective ways to fix this problem. 1) Switch to reusable, stainless steel or ceramic cupcake liners. Give customers a credit for bringing them back, kind of like pop cans. 2) Be vocal about why you're giving them up, bring your customers in on your crusade for cupcake liners (maybe throw in a line or two about how it'll lower your prices) and save the planet together! We can do this!!

How can I help?
Spread the word! Like our page on facebook, encourage your friends, have a cupcake-liner-less cupcake party! This movement will change the world and it can be fun!

So come on: ditch the cupcake liners. And tell everyone about it. Let's start a movement!

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