September 1, 2014

Getting organized

I spent most of this morning before work crying and freaking out because my to-do list was too big and I was all burned out. And as a result I made myself more stressed and my list did not get smaller or more manageable. This is a daily routine.

I'm a big fan of the "Edit your commitments" series on zen habits. I believe in minimalism. But I'm still finding myself overwhelmed with projects and tasks and work. I can't find time for myself or my family in this chaos.

I've talked about getting organized a lot before. And I've given up a lot.

I'm here to give it another shot. Small steps.

The first step? Work lunch. I spend 3 hours a week combined packing my lunches, sometimes 6. I don't want to buy food (too expensive and unhealthy). So I'm going to pack a weeks worth in one day. The goal: in under 2 hours. Hopefully even one. These lunches are going to be vegan, healthy, and filling. Each one will have a salad, a sweet and an entrée.

Wish me luck.

What have you done to organize your life?

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