March 22, 2012

Exercise for The Joy of It

I hate running. Despise it, actually. With a deep, fiery, burning, evil passion. I can't stand it.

I know it's good for you. I know it keeps you healthy. I know people say the endorphin rush is worth it. I know all about the benefits. I still can't stand it.

The first time I made myself run longer than five minutes in the morning? It made me so miserable and angry and just 'blech' that I actually skipped the entire day of school and sent it moping in bed.

Don't get me wrong, I love exercise. And sports. I adore football, basketball, street soccer (the kind where you can elbow and shove and tackle your opponents) - and all of those involve running and physical activity.

But just plain running - I hate it. I don't know why, I just do. I get bored, even when I'm listening to music. It makes me miserable, and I never get that high other people get. I just don't.

However, I've realized that's okay. I know, big accomplishment, right?

I also realized I adore biking. I love it to death. If my bike wasn't in shambles right now I'd be riding it in all my free time. There's some beautiful mountains where I'm living right now, and a great lake for fishing. There's also miles upon miles of open farm land and country. I could have a pretty awesome time biking here.

When my bike was in good condition I rode it to school, home, to my friend's, for kicks, in the middle of the night when I fought with my mom, to the store, everywhere! Even the library which was like a 3 hour ride!!

I've realized when it comes to physical activity, everyone has something their passionate about. One of my best friends rides horses. Another is a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

So who needs running? I like biking. Physical activity is about more than just exercise. It's about exercising for the joy of it. It's about having fun.

What kind of exercise do you enjoy?

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