March 15, 2012

St. Valentine's Day

In America (and maybe other countries too, I don't know) Valentine's Day is a huge holiday. Everyone dresses in red, buys a lot of candy, and goes out of their way to express love for the special people in their life (lovers, spouses, friends, family, etc.). Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Well, to be honest I don't like it very much. Now, stay with me here. I'm all for expressing love to our special people. But I also believe that we should go out of our way to express love to all other people, every single day. To me, it seems kind of pathetic that American's need a national holiday to remind themselves to say "I Love You" at least once a year.

I think we should say "I love you" everyday.

So I'm offering up a challenge, to myself and to all of you. Go out of your way to say "I Love You", in any way that you can, every single day. Already feel like you do that?

Ways to Say I Love You:
-Do their laundry
-Write them a longhand letter
-Give them a kiss
-Cook them dinner
-Pack them a lunch, with a little message/special treat inside
-Read to them (like, you know, a book)
-Give them money (Especially if you don't know them)
-Compliment them, honestly, and be specific (like "I love those shoes - they match your jacket really nicely)
-Invite them to church
-Snuggle with them
-Buy them a gift, that means something
-Make them something (like a stuffed teddy bear)
-Slip them a secret message in their bag/purse/suitcase
-Call them to wake them up in the morning with a lovely hello
-Call them to say goodnight (maybe even sing them a lullaby)
-Give them a shoulder rub
-Give them a footrub (not for the faint of heart, or ticklish)
-Read them a bedtime story
-Go for a walk with them (Maybe even hold their hand
-Leave a post-it note that says "I Love You" in a public place (Operation Beautiful style)
-Take them dancing (I garuntee there's a free dance in your area, if there is in mine)
-Go on a picnic together
-Go bikeriding
-Take them swimming, at night

There are five languages of love: Words of praise, gift giving, quality time, acts of service and intimacy (intimacy isn't just sex - Google it). If you've never done one of these languages before, try it!

Don't limit your expressions of love to your lover/spouse/boyfriend/etc. Show it to your family, your extended family, friends, even strangers.

Imagine how lovely the world would be if we all said "I Love You" everyday.

How do you express love?

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