April 25, 2012

A Sublime Cafe au Lait

This coffee is pure, absolute bliss. It tastes exactly like high-quality vietnamese coffee when iced. It's strong, both in flavor and potency, but prepared so delicately that it isn't bitter, just delicious.

You will need:
  • A french press
  • Fresh, coarsely ground dark roast beans (about 1tbsp to each cup of coffee you are brewing)
  • Cream fresh off the top of a jar of raw milk (about 1/4 cup cream per cup of coffee)
  • Organic, raw sugar (3tbsp per cup of coffee)
Boil your water, and grind your coffee once it's boiling so that it's as fresh as possible. Put your coffee in your press (percolators work too), then pour the water over it. Give it a good stir, but be gentle. Then cover it so that it can steam for about 4 minutes (cook it longer, and it could get bitter).

Once it's done steeping, pour your coffee and add your cream and sugar. Stir, and serve hot for cafe au lait, or iced for some fantastic vietnamese coffee.

I garuntee you this will be some of the best coffee you have ever had. Enjoy.

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