May 1, 2012

Using Time Wisely

"How is life any use if you just waste your time?" -Jesse McCartney
This weekend/Monday, while crazy hectic and stressful, was also fantastic. I'm at the very beginning of a new adventure, a new journey, to use my time doing things I love and fill my life with worth, and less time wasted in misery. This weekend was an experiment, and while I made some mistakes, I learned some very valuable things.

How I used my time:
  • Cooked homemade broth and chicken noodle soup
  • Cleaned my room, and went on a minimalizing rampage :)
  • Read books (Under the tuscan sun, The Joy of Keeping Chickens)
  • Oohed and ahed over baby ducks
  • Luxuriated in some hot cocoa and whipped cream, made from scratch, with lovely little shortbread cookies
  • Cuddled with my cats
  • Gardened, gently nurturing my salad greens sprouts after a storm
  • Wrote on my blog, some fanfiction, and even some original fiction
  • Organized my calendar and planned a spa day for next week <3 
  • Adventured - specifically, to a barn, an amusement park and a rollerskating rink.
While to some of you cleaning and organizing might be more of a chore, for me they're a mix of therapy, meditation and just sheer fun. I am very domestic in my hobbies.

We talk a lot about how time is precious, but often we don't treat it like it is. We squander it, doing boring things like cleaning and going through our "roles" in our communities, and doing useless things like watching tv. Each moment is finite, limited and cannot be saved once it is gone. We have so much time, why not use it to do something wonderful?

What to do:
  • Create.
  • Do something you love - whether it's paintings or dirtbiking.
  • Explore. You can do this by going on a hike in the forest, looking through a microscope, or by messing around in the kitchen.
  • Follow your passion.
  • Relax. Put up your feet, break out the chocolate and take a nap.
  • Have fun. Lots of it.
  • Fill your life with beautiful things.
  • Eat good foods.
  • Smile.
  • Reconnect to the world, through nature, through people, through your community.
  • Disconnect from the "Mainstream", which means turning off the tv, unplugging the internet, and silencing your phone.
  • Read.
  • Get active. I went rollerskating for four hours with my best friend.
What not to do:
  • Shirk your responsibilities. I missed an entire day of school, and while I had fun, I shouldn't have missed it. I could've done school, and gotten my fun stuff done, but instead I messed up. Don't repeat my mistake, stay in school.
  • Stay up too late. All this does is make you feel exhausted and grouchy. Go to bed when you're tired.
  • Watch TV. I made this mistake, squandering about 2 hours watching I-don't-remember-what, and I gained nothing from it. It didn't even relax me.
  • Multitask. Multitasking is bad. Instead, focus on what's at hand. Be fully present in the moment.
  • Be "productive". America's definition of productivity is totally skewed. Create a new definition: "Doing something that adds value to your life, even if that is by doing nothing and sleeping all day." Taking time to feel good and relax is not wasting your time,
  • Push your limits. I made myself really sick at the amusement park, and I could've avoided it if I had taken a rest
How do you use your precious time?

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