May 5, 2012

4 Reasons To Keep Your Dishwasher

First off, let's clear something up. I love hand-washing. Don't get me wrong here - I like the feel of soap and warm water, the mindfulness of the practice, the relaxation that it brings me. So I hand wash some dishes - cast-iron skillets, wooden cutting boards, wooden-handled knives, etc. But there are 4 very good reasons you shouldn't give up your dishwasher, despite the local hype about how cool it would be:
  1. Dishwashers are better for the planet. By the year 2030 all freshwater on this planet will be gone if we continue at this rate. Dishwashers use significantly less water than you do, half the amount of electricity, and even less soap. I don't believe in wasting one of our most fundamental resources because I like washing my dishes by hand.
  2. It saves you time, so that you can spend that time doing something you love. Instead of spending two to three hours at the counter a night, you could be spending those two to three hours writing that book gathering dust in your closet.
  3. It helps keep your house cleaner and less cluttered. When dishes have to be handwashed in my family, they get procrastinated and clutter up the sink.They sit on the counter for hours, sometimes days, until someone has the time and motivation to take care of them. They're an eye sore, and they small bad to boot. But with a dishwasher, you load the dishes in as they get dirty, so that your sink and counters never get cluttered or messy.
  4. It's easier, on you, your hands, and is a lot less work than hand washing. I might just be a lazy American - but I'm not exactly a huge fan of menial work. :)
Now, I don't know about you, but those reasons are good enough for me.

What do you think? Are you a hand washer, a dishwasher person or somewhere in between?

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