June 19, 2012

Girl, Just Take The Jacket

Photo Credit: Pitulineta
I don't know how it is for adults, but for we teen girls when a guy offers you his jacket because you're shivering, you're not supposed to say yes. You're supposed to say no, and be stubborn no matter how much he begs. It's a horrible trend.

I know, I know. You shouldn't say "yes" because you're a powerful, independant woman and you don't need a man's jacket to keep you warm.

But, you're shivering. So you kinda do.

I'm going to propose a cultural shift: take the freaking jacket, already.

Why? Well, first of all, it's the polite thing to do. And it makes the boy happy - he gets to feel useful, appriciated, helpful and like a nice guy. And best of all, you can stop shivering long enough to actually get a full sentence out without your teeth chattering.

So take the jacket. Make the guy happy. Get warm. Everyone wins.

P.S. if you really don't want to take the jacket, bring your own so that way he won't offer it in the first place. And that way no one's feelings get hurt. Because yeah, refusing the jacket hurts their feelings.

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