June 27, 2012

Summer Plans

This summer started off fantastic. I've already had the opportunity to do some amazing things with my life these past two weeks, and I'm going to have almost 3 more whole months to do even more super-awesome things. This amount of awesomeness also means great things for the blog. It means tons more recipes, ideas, projects, DIY tips, guides and more!

So, to kick off the summer I thought I'd give you all a sneak peak into what's going on behind-the-scenes over here at A Marvelous Adventure.

Some Things That Have Happened (In Just 2 Weeks!!)
  • I've been fishing, crawdading and foraging
  • 12 hours of heavy-duty prayer walking and service projects for the Church
  • Baking, baking and more baking - scones, banana nut muffins, etc.
  • We've gotten to know our neighbors, and that's opened up a plethora of opportunities for our family
  • We canceled our cable (now all we get is PBS)
  • Roasted tomatoes
  • Re-seasoned our cast-iron skillet
  • Played dress up with my friends and had a fancy-shmancy tea party

Some Things That are Going to Happen
  • My family will be continuing our zero waste journey
  • I'll be volunteering at the local animal shelter and possibly at a foodbank
  • I'm going to be finishing up a cookbook and a secret book project
  • I'll be writing fanfiction and original fiction up the whazoo
  • I'll be doing quilting, sewing, patching, altering, crocheting, tailoring and other needle-based projects
  • I will be minimizing my life and my belongings
  • I will be working on college planning and scholarship applications
  • I will be painting, drawing, sketching and taking lots of pretty pictures
  • I will be filming and editing a music video with my friends (this is just for fun, but it's going to be awesome)
  • I'll be fishing, camping, hiking and swimming
  • I will be tending to my lovely garden
  • I'll be hosting parties, potlucks, barbecues, brunches and tea parties
  • I'll be working to beautify my life (through decor, art and other lovely things like flower-printed table clothes)
  • I'm learning how to play hackysack
  • I'll be reading a lot of lovely books (like Eat, Pray, Live and Under the Tuscan Sun)
  • I'll be working on learning my foreign language skills (in Japanese, Korean, Italian, German, Spanish and French - I'm most fluent in Japanese, Spanish a far second)
  • I'll be growing closer to God, including participating in the Live-Dead challenge
  • I'll be playing lots of sports and spending lots of time outside with my friends
  • I'm going to be cooking as much as possible
  • And, obviously, I'll be writing a lot on the blog. :)

What You Can Expect to See On The Blog
  • RECIPES!!!! Including chicken noodle soup, yogurt, eggnog, scones, soda, Italian bread, coffee, tea blends, pasta and more~
  • Coordinated, simple weekly meal plans
  • Yardsale and micro-business guides (like landscaping, baked goods, and childcare)
  • DIY guides - bike repair and maintenance, seasoning cast-iron, re-finishing cedar chests, re-upholstery, etc.
  • Electricity saving, water saving and zero-waste tips
  • Fishing tips and guides for beginners (and zero-waste fishing tips)
  • Make-it-yourself guides for homemade deodorant, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and more...
  • Oregonian food guides, tips and features (including restaurants, farms, and markets)
  • Some Oregonian wildlife posts (such as birds, frogs, fish, butterflies and wildflowers)
  • Fundraising tips and guides
  • Sewing and quilting patterns
  • Minimalism notes, tips, guides and other related things
  • A Suggested Reading page (this will list the fantastic blogs and other free internet resources I have found incredibly valuable throughout my life - all of it is 100% free to use and access)
  • Gardening, pruning, permaculture, and soil-building tips and projects (such as the counter-top herb garden I'm planning)
  • Zero waste tips, hints, projects and guides (like zero-waste party hosting)
  • Christian-based projects (Bible studies, the Live-Dead challenge, etc.)
  • Foreign language phrases, guides, tips and hints

It's going to be a busy, busy summer inter-spaced with tea, prayer and lazy mornings. What are you going to do this summer?

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