July 10, 2012

Project Clean House: Part One

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The Project
My house is perpetually trashed. With two toddlers, a disabled mother and an extremely busy teen (me) it's hard to get it clean in the first place, let alone keep it that way. But I hate the mess. And if you're like the average American, your home is probably messy too. And you're probably sick of it but not sure what to do about it.

Well, considering we have the same problem I thought I'd take an active part in experimenting with ways to get it and keep it clean. Feel free to pitch in your own advice, experience and tips.

Part One: Minimize
Part one of the project will focus on minimizing the amount of stuff we have to clean in the first place. My home has been travelling down the minimalist path for a year now, and while we're far from the land of enough, we're definitely at least half-way there. So, while our challenge for part one of the Clean House Project might seem radical to some of you, understand for us it is reasonable and that you might want to start somewhat gentler.

For for part one our goals are simple and to the point:
  • All flat surfaces cleared
  • All floors cleared
This will eliminate all the visual clutter that prevents us from inviting people. In order to accomplish these goals we will be clearing all clutter from these surfaces and either getting rid of them, or finding a home for them.

How do you keep your house clean?

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