April 7, 2013

How to Not Be Crazy Without Being Normal

"Maybe We're Crazy" by Kezzi-Rose
This is, probably, the weirdest post title you have ever read. But it sums up the largest issue in my life at the moment: I'm the crazy girlfriend. I mean crazy. I don't like it, I hate being like this. But here's my catch 22 - normal people are boring as fuck.

I need to find a balance. I need to be eccentric, without being nuts. Original without being weird. Normal without being boring. Special without being "special".

But you know what? When you go down the mental rabbit hole and you hit the bottom, no one tells you how to get out. Sure, there's medications. "Coping" skills. But in all honesty... no way to return to a healthy mental state without drugging up. No way to once and for all leave the suicidal hole you've dug.

I mean really? C'mon. I knew there had to be more to it.

So, through much trial and error, I've identified some ways to make myself less crazy without being a dull, flat person. The trick to finding these was reverse-engineering. I identified how I got in this mess, step by step, and then figured out how to back my way out so to speak.

These awesome, all-natural, effective methods?

  • Better habits
  • Objective opinions - asking the opinion and advice of people who I thought would give an educated, unbiased opinion.
  • Experimentation - try everything, and drop what doesn't work. What works? Cling to for dear life.
  • A Healthy body
  • Brainwashing - you have to change how you think. Think positive, efficient, and rational. All crazy thinking habits need to be exterminated.
  • Effective problem-solving - identify the problem, brainstorm solutions, then fix it. If the problem is out of your control, learn to let go.
  • Constant self-evaluation - come back, about once a week, and look at your progress. Celebrate your growth, your triumphs. Identify your mistakes, and where you need to work on for next week.
  • Hard work

Yeah... probably the weirdest list on eliminating the crazy, but true.

What do you think?

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