May 1, 2013

"Hungry for Change" Documentary Review

The documentary "Hungry for Change" was a very positive, very motivating film in a category that tends to feel vaguely apocalyptic. The documentary focuses on several key aspects of dieting, considering first what we're doing wrong and why it's not working, then switching gears to what does work. The film discussed eating habits, exercise, detoxes and cleanses, psychological practices that are proven to work, sleep, personal care products, and hydration. Every aspect of this film is backed up by two or more credible experts' interviews and a plethora of current scientific research.

"Hungry for Change" was nothing short of impressive. It's one of the best films I have ever seen in this category, for it's positive attitude, credibility, and how well-done the filming was.This was not a boring documentary.

 This film exploded conventional thinking with its strong, scientific facts backing up each and every claim. In an area I feel myself to be well-educated in, I learned several new things in a variety of areas. If you are looking to be healthier, feel better, or lose weight, this film is an absolutely necessary piece of education.

I can't begin to say how important I think it is that you see this documentary. Check it out. I promise you, it'll be worth your time. You can watch the first 20 minutes online for free on the website, and you can also find it on Netflix's watch instantly.

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