July 28, 2012

Zero Waste Soccer Snacks

Well, my little sister is in soccer, and as most teams do it, they gave each kid a game to bring snacks for the team too. Next week we've got it, and I've got to bring snacks.

But I have to figure out a zero-waste, easy solution that is compatible with five-year-old's. Oh boy. 0.0

Also, make sure to bring enough for siblings, coach, the ref, and parents. They tend to want some too. And, if you're really sweet, bring some goodies for the other team.

The two biggest obstacles to soccer snacks is the Ziploc bags (how do you serve it to the kids without it?!) and the packaging (like Capri sun, which can be terracycled if you don't have another option). Oh, and health and something the kids will actually like also come into play.

If you have a finicky coach or parent who don't like hands touching all the kids food, or you have something loose, serve stuff in small brown paper lunch bags or furoshiki styled cloth napkins (if you have the money). They're compostable or recyclable at best, biodegradable in the landfill at worst.

Here are some of the solutions I've developed:
  • Whole apples, can be served straight out of a cloth bag
  • Muffins (without wrappers) served straight out of the container
  • Homemade graham crackers, also served straight out of the container
  • Gatorade, in recyclable bottles
  • Juice, in recyclable bottles
  • Oatmeal cookies, served straight out of the container
  • Peaches, served straight out of a bulk bag
  • Super-sweet scones, served straight out of the container

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